Using fill flash for outdoor shoot

Using fill flash for outdoor shoot

Every photographer out there is in some way confused or unsure about the subtle tricks of photography. But don’t you worry, we bring you our ‘how to’ photography series straight from the experts.

This blog is about fill flash in low- light photography. Let’s get started!!


This is the list of gear for doing a fill flash photograph of a model in an outdoor location.

  • Nikon D810 (full frame)
  • Lens 50mm prime
  • Sympex 750 external flash with trigger
  • Small softbox
  • Reflector
  • Trigger


  • Aperture- 1.8 (hence the background blur)
  • ISO- 100
  • Shutter speed- 1/200


We wanted a location that had an old and rustic feel to it. We wanted to do this shoot in the evening because there is nothing more beautiful than the golden light of a setting sun.

But shooting late in the evening meant that the low- light posed a problem.

Pomegranate Model Shoot.


  • The evening light was definitely a challenge. Although the sun gives a beautiful golden light, actually capturing it is a task.
  • To overcome this, we first scouted for a place which had a lit background.
  • Next, to light up the subject’s face we used a reflector. But that didn’t work out well.
  • We improvised and used a speed light with a trigger. We adjusted the flashgun (⅙) at a 45-degree angle and took our shot.

And we got our perfect picture!!!

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