Photo workshops at Pomegranate hand hold you from buying a camera to archiving photographs the right way. We offer beginner to advanced level courses and also courses in photo editing and retouching. The success of our students is a testament to the quality of learning. From publishing photo books, to winning awards to becoming professional photographer they have done it all!


Besides discussing the basic operations of a Digital SLR camera, this course will explain in detail the basics of photography including composition, exposure, lighting etc. The course also gives an overview of how various films and filters can be used to create different photographic images.


This workshop helps you learn the essentials of Adobe Lightroom. It brings down your hours in front of the computer post a shoot to minutes.  The workshop is aimed at making importing, sorting and managing raw files much easier for you.


Photoshop workshops in the studio are 2 day long. They help you in understanding pixels / resolution, brightness / contrast and levels. You get a clear understanding of prepping the files both for online and print usage. Optimizing images for faster loading is also covered.


These workshops are a unique initiative by Pomegranate to bring the exponents of different fields of photography to keen photographers in the city. From the thought process behind making of a photograph, to camera handling techniques.


This course is structured to cater to the needs of serious and hobbyist photographers who have been shooting for a while.
All we really want to do is take great pictures and reproduce them in the best way possible.


There is such a thing as teaching a child too much about photography and ‘kill’ some of the playfulness that makes the images that a child can take special. The main advice would be to instill in your child the first lesson– of experimenting and having fun with the camera.