Studio Confidential with Model Riya Bhattacherjee

Studio Confidential with Model Riya Bhattacherjee

Studio Confidential with Model Riya Bhattacherjee

Studio Confidential is a series of short interviews with some of the most sought-after creatives in the city.

This episode we interview Model Riya Bhattacharjee and get to know a little more about her.

As is often with the creative lot, there is a lot more behind the face and name than meets the eye. You meet them or see their work all the time but hardly ever know anything beyond their creative eccentricities. We set out to find out a little more about each of the amazing talents we worked with.  From leading models to makeup artists to stylists over the years we have had the pleasure to work with some of the best that Kolkata has to offer.

Currently, Riya is one of the hot favourites in MTV’s India’s Next Top Model -4. While we root for her to make it big we know for sure that her chirpy nature is surely going to add some excitement to the silver screen. In this episode Studio Pomegranate put Model Riya Bhattacharjee on the hot seat and ask her some questions.


Please introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Riya Bhattacharjee. My good name is Poroma Bhattacharjee, Riya is my nickname and I am most popular by my nickname so basically, I am a model. I have just done my Masters and nowadays I am working with most of the designers in Calcutta and I also do ramp shows.

What inspired you to choose to model as your career?

Since childhood, I had a dream to become a model but I belong from a very conservative middle-class family. From there I had a big struggle to become a model. Basically, I am from North Calcutta and there they can’t believe their daughter can be a model. There they expect their daughters to be something else, like a teacher and anything else but a model.

I have struggled a lot cause of that. To go from there to here. I had to face many problems but after a long struggle, I am here. Just for my dream, for my urge to become a model.

Do you remember Stylist Neha Gandhi’s inspiration from her interview?

Since how long are you doing modeling?

I have been modeling for two years. After SD. I was there for two years and SD has changed my life completely. It has given me so many opportunities. It has given me stardom, that spotlight which I was seeking for. After that, I didn’t have to look back.

Which is one incident where you goofed up while working?

It was not that long back, its just 2-3 months back. I was doing a ramp show and that was not a proper stage. It was just a floor where I had to showcase a product. So when I was doing my final line up, the dress got stuck on my heel and I fell on the ground.

It was so embarrassing. I was crying and Jessica ma’am was there, our coordinator. She came to me and said its okay, it’s just an accident but I was crying a lot because there was a room full of press, very very big big people in front of whom I fell but then I realised it’s okay. It was just an accident, nothing else.

What is the thing you learnt that has stuck with you since?

I have learnt so many things from this career. It has not only given me fame and money, it has taught me so many things. 

How to become punctual, how to talk, how to eat, how to walk, how to carry yourself, how to present yourself among a room full of audiences, how to make sense with camera, my posing, my postures. Everything has changed. Nowadays people look at me and ask from where you have done your grooming? It has given me a complete teaching of life. 

I don’t know after 5-10 years where will I be but wherever, Ill completely stand out. In my two years in this career, it has given me so many good things, so many memories to keep with me till my last breath.

Which is your favorite brand and why?

Lots of favorite brand. For watches and something else I’ll prefer Micheal Kors and for garments Forever 21 and others. For shoes I prefer, there are lots of brands, I wear local ones as well so there are many many many brands.

Your first shoot with Studio Pomegranate?

I had my first shoot with Studio Pomegranate, it was not in the studio, we were shooting outside, Breathing Earth I guess. It was not in the studio and I have very good experience with you guys. they are very much professional. We had started our shoot early and packed up early. We got our payment cleared. We got food. Everything was very good, Next shoot with Studio Pomegranate, this year January I guess. 

The studio is also very good and nicely decorated. I also had a very nice experience working with them.

Describe yourself with four adjectives, please.

I am Talkative, Sapiosexual, extremely beautiful. 

Your closest friends also know you as?

Some of my friends call me ‘jhakari’ because of my hair.

What is your go-to song?

Nowadays during shoots, I like songs from Sonu ki Tittu ki Sweety.

Your inspiration?

I have a lot of inspirations. From Naunika Chatterjee to Laxmi Rana to Runa Laha to Sneha Ghosh. I have learnt so much from this and took inspiration from them. 

You wouldn’t be caught wearing a…

Not a problem with any kind of garment. I love to do so much experiment on myself because I love to try new clothes and new outfits and new apparel. Which will go with me? I love to experiment with myself 

What about bell bottoms?

I had a question in Femina stylist where I will never wear bell bottom and I realised the style is coming back but after that, I tried bell bottoms and it was looking good on me. It wouldn’t be the same answer. 

You will quit your job to intern for…

Actually, I wouldn’t like to leave this field. I don’t think there will be any opportunity that will compel me to leave this field.

I think I am born for it and I’ll die for it. I won’t leave this field.

So that’s it folks! Studio Confidential on Riya Bhattacharjee. Check her out on her social media:


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