Studio Confidential with Model Samira Grewal

Studio Confidential with Model Samira Grewal

Studio Confidential with Model Samira Grewal

Studio Confidential is a series of short interviews with some of the most sought-after creatives in the city.

This episode we interview Model Samira Grewal and get to know a little more about her.

As is often with the creative lot, there is a lot more behind the face and name than meets the eye. You meet them or see their work all the time but hardly ever know anything beyond their creative eccentricities. We set out to find out a little more about each of the amazing talents we worked with.  From leading models to makeup artists to stylists over the years we have had the pleasure to work with some of the best that the city has to offer.

In this episode Studio Pomegranate put Model Samira Grewal on the hot seat and ask her some questions. Samira is an amazing Model

Please introduce yourself.

I am Samira Grewal and I am 21 years old. I am currently studying law and I love music and I am a swimmer. I am not going to this boring about myself but I am also a model side by side and the reason why I am modeling is that it’s something I always wanted to since I was a little kid. I have always wanted to pursue something in the fashion line and I just like love the entire feel of being a model.

It was very fun to me especially like modeling in front of the mirror or something like that and now getting to do it in front of the camera in real life. It’s just awesome.

Your closest friends also know you as?


Since how long have you been doing modeling?

It’s not even been a year, about 11 months

What inspired you to choose to model as your career?

So basically there was this one time during new years and my parents had gone out and I was just at home and my grandparents were in the other room and I was flipping through channels. Didn’t know what to do and I stumbled upon Star World and they were showing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and it was so glamorous and so awesome that I was just in awe of these tall girls and very pretty girls doing the ramp walk and everything.

So that kind of inspired me that I want to be as confident as them and not just confidence also the way they carry themselves. It wasn’t just being pretty, it was them like walking in like 8 inches heels and something that really really inspired me and I just said that ya okay, being able to feel and do that one day.

I feel like that really helped me in becoming a model. I started doing catwalks in front of the mirror and started dressing up like them. Ya so that really inspired me to become a model.

Which is one incident where you goofed up while working?

Basically, there was like this barge shoot and there was like this really expensive dress and I had to sit down and pose and I was wearing very high heels and the gown was extremely long and they were from this like really expensive store that doesn’t usually lent out clothes.

So I was sitting and I was posing everything and suddenly when I got up, my heels got stuck in that dress and it tore. I was almost in tears cause I was so scared. I mean Neha di was in that. I was like so scared. Oh my god, no one was gonna take me cuz I tore someone’s clothes and they were really expensive.

Neha di and Presenjit da really comforted me saying, its okay, it happens. I was really scared. Shit I have to pay for this and now I have been so bad on the set. It was scary for me, tearing a dress which wasn’t my fault by the way so. It’s just the dress quality.

What are the thing you learned here that has stuck with you since?

I am someone who is not very confident about myself as to how I used to look and you know especially staying in India not a lot of people are very tall so you know you get like, I have had when I was like walking with wedges on the road, people going “Yeh tumse bhi lambi hai”.. I have actually had people saying that. That didn’t give me a lot of confidence streak. A lot of people were like you’ll find no one, tumko kaise milega koi husband?”

The entire tall feeling is not really there and I was like really thin so people used to be “Sukhi hai”. So you are not very confident about yourself right when comments like that come across to you. So well I feel that after getting into modeling and after going to the gym, I have gained a lot of confidence which is really important.

After that, when you are modeling and the camera clicks such angle of yours that you go Woah! Everyone has their good side and bad side. When the bad side comes out, the first few times you feel a little uncomfortable but later on you get the confidence that what the heck let it come out. I think this has really molded me into a very confident person.


Which is your favorite band and why?

I am personally not into brands. I like to pick up whatever I like. I mean whatever satisfies my eyes. I love to pick that up. Even if its like a bag on the street or a shoe on the street. As long as I like it, I go for it.

Your first shoot with Studio Pomegranate?

So my first shoot with the studio was for this brand called Vedika M and we shot like a lot of clothes. It was very tiring but also a lot of fun. I think thats what is the good element about Rahul and the entire team. They bring like a lot of fun into the shoots. Its not like boring, monotonous and even though I was doing a lot of changes, it was all veery fun and smooth.

Introduce yourself with 4 adjective please.

Love my hair
Really honest
Very Ambitious

What is your go to song?

My go to song to pump me, I listen to all kinds of music. I feel like the one thats actually pumping me up is X by J Balvin. I like listening to latino music, Spanish music.

You wouldn’t be caught wearing a…

I wouldn’t be caught wearing a very very frilly long maxi dress.

Your inspiration?

The person who I really look up to is My mom. She is my biggest inspiration. She is extremely strong and she is a lady who I aspire to be one day. I look up to my mother, my father, my grandfather. These are like three people I really look up to. Want to take their best qualities and be like them.

Samira with her mother
Samira with her mother

What is your success mantra for aspiring ones?

I think my success mantra to aspiring models is just be who you are, be confident. People will love you for you. Don’t be someone you are not.

If you were to describe Studio Pomegranate in 3 words, what would they be?

Its really big, clean and I love the set up you have here. It’s like the go to studio for any shoot.

So that’s it folks! Studio Confidential on Samira Grewal. Check her out on her social media:


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