Studio Confidential with Model Ruchira Mookerjee

Studio Confidential with Model Ruchira Mookerjee

Studio Confidential with Model Ruchira Mookerjee

Studio Confidential is a series of short interviews with some of the most sought-after creatives in the city.

This episode we interview Model Ruchira Mookerjee and get to know a little more about her.

As is often with the creative lot, there is a lot more behind the face and name than meets the eye. You meet them or see their work all the time but hardly ever know anything beyond their creative eccentricities. We set out to find out a little more about each of the amazing talents we worked with.  From leading models to makeup artists to stylists over the years we have had the pleasure to work with some of the best that the city has to offer.

In this episode Studio Pomegranate put Model Ruchira Mookerjee on the hot seat and ask her some questions.  She is an excellent model and also Miss India 2015 runner-up! With that smile and witty jokes, it’s a delight working and shooting with Ruchira. It’s a fun story on how she got into this profession, which we got to know during the interview, but even with all the goof-ups, she has grown in this industry and loves every minute of it.


SP:  So like I said you know this is just a Q & A session and the overall game plan is so that there are other people who have worked with us,  who are going to work with us, work in the future, get to know about the talents who work with us because there’s a lot more about a person other than just knowing that okay this is a model, make up artists, or a stylist.

RM:  so it’s like differentiating from a mannequin and a model

SP:  Yes absolutely!

Introduce yourself with four adjectives, please

Vivacious, confused and I am really adamant. What I want to do, I will do it whatever come, may. The fourth one would be fun ya! I am not boring. I am just fun, you can talk to me. Now don’t judge me like that.

How long have you been modeling?

So it’s been gonna be six years now since I have been modeling. I started off I think when I was 16 years old, next month I’ll be turning 22.

What inspired you to become a model?

What inspired me was a long story. I’ve been a tomboy since my childhood and my mother wanted to put like some ladylike qualities into me. So I started grooming myself and that’s how I first got into Miss India and that’s what actually got me into it.

You know, I did my first shoot after Miss India and that’s when I realized it’s not work for me, it’s something that I enjoy to do and modeling is something like when I have been appreciated by people. People have said okay you are looking good on camera. There are a lot of others aspects to it like basically for me I love talking so I love meeting more people and just enjoying the work that I do.


Studio Confidential with Model Ruchira Mookerjee
Model Ruchira Mookerjee on a holiday.

So which is one instance where you goofed up as a model?

So the first time when I modeled my mom was obviously kinda nervous, somebody is getting into this profession and nobody has any clue about so when I got into it, the first few shoots I was like mom you need to come with me because I’m not sure how the people are going to be you know, for safety reasons.

Then when my mom came and I had to you know shoot and stuff and then it was hilarious because I was so nervous looking at my mom and then posing and it was a complete goof up because I don’t know what to do, how to pose. Like you know if I’m standing straight I’m too stiff if I’m bending, oh you know, liquid so it was very funny to see how I had walked the first time and people had rejected me so yeah after that when I had build-up it was a long history.

So how did you take that rejection? Did you curl up under your bed and cry?

No, I actually went ahead and started looking at how to pose on Google, that’s how I actually learned how to pose to get my postures right and then I think it’s just experience and age. So what other things that you’ve learned through modeling that have stayed with you in day to day life?

What have you learnt from modeling?

So there are a number of things that I’ve learned with modeling. Firstly, is how I have controlled my diet like I don’t obviously I eat a lot but then you know even when you’re not getting food at regular intervals like you’re used to getting, how you manage that thing.

Secondly is definitely meeting with different people you understand how different people work, how their psychology works, how you need to behave and adjust with the N number of people.

Thirdly is accountability definitely like if you have taken up a job and you need to perform it’s totally on you and you’re responsible for it. You definitely need to learn that and also like you know you get to know your best angles when you’re taking pictures

Your closest friend knows you as?

A person who likes to do a lot of things.

Remember what Damayanti’s friends called her in the last post?

What is one your go-to songs and why?

Right now? don’t judge me, it’s Buzz-Buzz by that after Aastha Gil Mary *sings the lyrics* it’s really groovy and nice.

You wouldn’t be caught wearing a?

Lungi for sure!

Then what are you going to do for a lungi dance?

Dude! get me some designers wrap around skirt and stuff, what’s lungi? Okay I don’t mean to offend anyone.

So what’s your favorite brand and why?

What’s your favorite brand and why? So like every day to day I would prefer Forever 21. It’s cheap, affordable. Right now that’s what I’m looking at I’m not looking for big designers and big brands and say oh I’ve got a Gucci stuff, No, I’m just forever 21 good.

For your inspiration for modeling, who would be your icon?

Indrani Dasgupta

Three words you’d use for the Studio Pomegranate

Three words you’re gonna have like oh f**k okay

Fun! Good food and third would be good pictures dude. That’s what you have come for.

So that’s it folks! Studio Confidential on Ruchira Mookerjee. Check her out on her social media:


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