Watch Shoot – June 2018

Watch Shoot – June 2018

A watch photoshoot can prove to be very challenging. This blog post we cover our experience with photographing a watch in the studio. Here is a ‘how-to’ photography blog for you! Damn right, let’s get our beauty all ready for the spotlight.


  1. Nikon 800E
  2. 105 macro Nikkor lens
  3. Tripod
  4. 100 by 100 Elinchrome Softbox
  5. Grid Strobe 200
  6. Black acrylic sheet (for base)
  7. Black panel (for support)
  8. Dior watch


  1. We first adjusted the watch to our likes on the black acrylic sheet.
  2. We then set the camera to manual mode and got the tripod ready.
  3. On the camera right, we adjusted the 100 by 100 softbox at 2.5 power (refer to image below)
  4. We set the gridded strobe 200 next, at power 1.0 to the camera’s top left (refer to image below)
  5. We then went on to put the black panel for support, on the left side of the camera. (refer to the image below)


  • ISO- 160
  • Aperture- f9
  • Shutter speed- 1/160

Now we are ready to shoot!!

THE CHALLENGES during a watch photoshoot and THEIR SOLUTIONS

  • The only problem we faced while shooting this beauty was the lack of uniform focus. To overcome this, we tried different angles and distances but nothing worked in our favor.
  • Finally, we decided to shoot multiple images in the same frame.
  • The catch here was that we shot all of these images at different focus points of the watch.
  • Later, we dropped all the images in the Helicon Focus software which merged all our images.

VOILA! You have your watch shot ready to steal the show!!

Fun fact: We tried merging the images in Photoshop and the end result wasn’t even close to what our MVP here did to the images!


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